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Anthony F. Nastase
Graduate Student
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Phone: 734-494-7338
B.A. Biochemistry,Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Research Interests

Using computational and X-ray structures to guide the design and synthesis of centrally acting small-molecule opioid peptidomimetics

Design & synthesis of dual-acting mu and delta opioid receptor ligands for the treatment of pain with reduced tolerance and abuse liabilities

Synthesis of selective mu/kappa opioid receptor agonists as potential pharmacological interventions for substance abuse


Design and synthesis of biologically active opioid peptides and peptidomimetics

Development of mixed efficacy opioid ligands

Selected Publications

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Henry I. Mosberg
Andrei L.Lomize
Irina D.Pogozheva
Katarzyna Sobczyk-Kojiro
Jessica Anand
Anthony F. Nastase
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