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Magdalena Przydzial
Former Member
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Phone: (734)764-7338
Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, Rutgers College, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ (Chemistry, 1999)
Medicinal Chemistry, University of Michigan, MI, 2005

Research Interests

Knowledge-based drug design.

Peptide synthesis.

HPLC and LCMS for analysis of synthetic peptides.

Selected Publications

Pogozheva ID, Przydzial MJ, Mosberg HI
Homology modeling of opioid receptor-ligand complexes using experimental constraints.
AAPS J., 7: E434-E448 (2005)


Przydzial MJ, Pogozheva ID, Ho JC, Tharp TA, Drankhan KE, Sawyer E, Traynor JR, Mosberg HI
Design of high affinity cyclic pentapeptide ligands for kappa-opioid receptors.
J. Pept. Res., 66: 255-262 (2005)


Przydzial MJ, Pogozheva ID, Bosse KE, Andrews SM, Tod A, Tharp TA, Traynor JR, Mosberg HI
Roles of residues 3 and 4 in cyclic tetrapeptide ligand recognition by the kappa- opioid receptor
J. Pept. Res., 65: 333-342 (2005)


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